Shray Donates Sculpture to Littleton Adventist Hospital

Appropriately exhibited in Littleton Adventist Hospital’s Women and Newborn Care unit, artisan Shray’s sculpture “Forevermore,” vividly portrays the love between a mother and her child. Shray’s distinct choice of sculpture materials – the warm golden color, the fluid lines and even texture – all serve to evoke feelings of warmth, protection and affection, and symbolize the eternal and everlasting bond formed between mother and child.

Littleton Adventist Hospital is proud to display this original work by Shray. “Forevermore” has provided a sense of warmth, safety and well being to the hospital’s patients and staff and is a welcome addition to the Women’s Services department.

“Forevermore” was generously donated by Littleton Hospital Foundation Board members Pat Wassik, Betsy Martin and Carl Fitch and friends of the Littleton Hospital Foundation.

— Dennis Hansen, Chief Operating Officer of the Littleton Adventist Hospital.

The Essence of Art

In this article, we will conclude our look at bronze sculptor, Shray. In our last post, we discovered that Shray is a woman of immeasurable curiosity and depth of introspection. Now, enjoy the rest of this look inside the mind and heart of a storied creator.

“The essence of art is the control of line weight.” This statement from Shray is deceptively simple while communicating a very complex truth. The most basic realities are often the most difficult to grasp, much less master.

It’s relatively easy to understand how this idea applies to drawing or painting. These are direct transfers of intent from an abstract, multi-dimensional continuum –– the mind –– to a tangible surface that can only be viewed from one side –– the canvas. But how the idea comes to fruition in the form of a three-dimensional figure is a bit more complex.